5 Tips to Become a Motivational Speaker (Beginner’s Guide)

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Want to become a motivational speaker? Anybody can be! No need for a degree or some fancy training. Heads up, it’s one way to boost your credibility as a writer. You need to shed off the scales of fear and put on confidence and do it.

What’s holding you back?

Let me guess. Like many, it’s fear. Fear of the audience, fear that you might forget what to say, even the fear of who comes to listen to you.

How to become a motivational speaker

Here is your remedy. You do not need a 300 people event at the beginning. You can start with 50 people or less and scale up gradually. At the start, speak for free, paid events will come later. You just need to reap that experience.

Speak at schools, colleges, organizations, to office workers, speak anywhere and everywhere. This will lay a solid ground for future speaking engagements. Down here, I am sharing my practical lessons. Mi sealing mi face. I’m a social media shy-guy.

Speaking during MUHAS Win & Learn Annual Academic Event. Me, on point!
And I became a two times recipient of the award – best presenter. A year later, I didn’t participate. I regret!









With my friend – award-winning presenters. Moses, you nailed it, boy!
A year later I was at the event. This time as a participant, not a speaker. And Miss Heavenlight made it! She was simply brilliant.








Tips to become a motivational speaker

So, while you’re trying to figure out how to become a motivational speaker, keep these tips in your mind.

  • Promote your event: find people will be interested to listen what you have to say and start there. You can promote your event using your blog or social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. so people can get to know you.
  • Share your story: everyone has a story to share. At least, share a story you think is educative in case you do not have a personal story. People love stories and being taught by examples. Make them feel they are in a speaking engagement, not some sort of a lecture.
  • Make it entertaining: punch in some laugh lines in your talk. Share some funny stories about your personal experience. I am not saying you should become a comedian though. This will make your audience get more related to you. Cheer them up. They are not in a courtroom!
  • Get testimonials: if after the event people are coming to you to let you know how great your talk was, ask them to write testimonies and send via email. That’s how other people will get convinced about your worth.
  • Offer free training and speeches: I’m sure everyone has his area of expertise. For you to get paid to speak, you need to do at least 300 free talks. Keep offering subjects that you know you’re an expert on.

I guess you wanna listen to my presentation. Here it is… Someone from the audience took a video using his phone! Never mind its quality.

What other public speaking tips do you know? Share with me in the comments below.

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