6 Ways Bloggers Can Get Great Content for Blog Posts

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The question most aspiring/newbie bloggers ask themselves

The question that aspiring, and newbie bloggers always ask themselves is, how can they blog for weeks, months, and years without running out of ideas? Sometimes, even veteran bloggers run out of ideas! And do not know how they can get content to keep the engine of their content strategy propelling.

Blogging is supposed to be painless. It’s important you write blog posts that relate to your niche. In this blog post, I discuss some of the best ways you can get great content for your blog.

1)      Social Bookmarking; this allows internet users save links to web pages that they like, or want to share. It involves people recommending ideas that are popular for them to blog. You can even save your blog posts in social bookmarking sites; it’s a way to promote your blog. Check out Digg and Delicious.

2)      Tags; these are mini-categories for blog content. And tagging is done by visitors of your blog, or even the blog owner. That way a blogger can sort popular posts and posts recommended by readers. This makes blogging interesting, as you know which topics rock at this particular time.

3)      News jacking; this involves the process of leveraging trending news to elevate your blog’s content. So, you search trending topics and use them for blogs. It’s a great way to create high quality and shareable content. You only need to pick the right content that fits your blog’s niche, in a timely manner, and critically think when you write.

4)      Look for top search results; bloggers can make use of search engines, to find out what people are searching for. Just go to Google, or whatever search engine, enter the keywords involving your blog’s niche. Then use the ideas in top results that you obtain. Those are ideas which influence people.

5)      Researching; this is the commonest way bloggers use to write content on their blogs. It goes beyond news and trending stories. As a blogger, you must have excellent researching skills, see what others have written, and let it inspire you to write your own ideas.

6)      Make use of facts and statistics; one way to hook up readers, is to show them you know what you’re talking about, and you can convince them from reasonable grounds. Depending on your blog’s niche, there are several sites you can collect facts and statistics from. Google scholar, World Health Organization, statistics.com, to mention but a few.

Final words

There are different ways bloggers employ to come up with content that readers adore and will give a clap. There is a line that reads, “Two heads are better than one”, translating to the truth; “Two people working together have a better chance of solving a problem than one person working alone”.

I’ve pinpointed six ways to help fellow bloggers get content that jumps off their pages. Share with me and others in the comments, techniques you use to keep content flowing on your blog. We’ll have a better chance of helping other bloggers to grow.

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