How Often Should Bloggers Post On Their Blogs?

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Two times a week, three times, four times… In fact, every blogger has a blog content calendar that suits him. Not updating your blog regularly is harmful to your business. Readers will stop following it, and getting back a lost reader is difficult.

But also posting too many times has its own pitfalls. You just need that balance.

Not publishing blog posts often? 

Here are some problems you’ll definitely meet if you rarely write and post on your blog. First, you lose subscribers. They don’t find value in subscribing to your blog, by the way, they have already read all that of their interest, and see nothing new. Second, not posting for weeks, months or years confuses your readers. They are not sure whether you are taking a break, or you have given up blogging and decide to bury your blog completely. In case you get back and publish new content, they find it cumbersome to connect the dots.

Lastly but not last, posting too rarely on your blog is harmful to your rank in search engines.

So, can you post too often?

There is a line saying; “too much is harmful”. Posting regularly is good, but do not exceed. Sometimes readers find it difficult to handle especially email subscribers. Publishing too many times a day means too many email notifications to your subscribers. The result is, you start receiving too many notifications of people unsubscribing.

In addition, posting frequently new content that is not appropriate to many of your readers or content that doesn’t give readers much value tempts them to opt not following your blog. Your quality will also suffer.

Now, how often should you publish new content on your blog?

This depends on what you blog about. For news blogs, it’s ideal to publish at least once per day. But if you’re in online business, for example, publishing once or twice in a week is fine. But you should make sure what you publish adds value and helps your readers. Sometimes a mix of things creates interest in your readers, post pictorial content, videos, etc. depending on your blog’s theme, not just text every time.

Then create a specific schedule for posting new content on your blog and stick to it. Let’s say three times a week, hardly two times if you are busy. That way, you’ll get time to research about what to write, taking a rest, and you’ll never stare at that blank page with nothing to write.

How often do you publish new blog posts on your blog? Share with me your timetable.

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  1. I post at least once a week normally. It gives readers ample time to read whenever they find time within the week. I have also gotten something from this post , it should not be a text post everytime, pictorial posts are also great. Thank you

  2. Thank you Herieth! My plan at My Writers Bureau is to post 2-3 times a week. As you correctly said, it gives readers ample time to read. But it also gives us “bloggers” ample time to share our posts and increase blog’s readership.

  3. Hi Minnie! Welcome to MyWritersBureau and thanks for reading.

    Once or twice a month sounds a bit unsatisfying. I’m not sure of the niche of your blog, but I’d advise you posting four to eight times or above in a month. That way readers will keep you in their hearts.

    I wish you success.