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Needless to repeat, most people don’t realize the potential of LinkedIn in job opportunities. So, they open LinkedIn accounts and bury them in no time. At first, when I joined LinkedIn, I felt like no one notices my presence and feel the message in my posts. It took me time until I started seeing views, likes, and comments in my posts.

Just like you, I am not a LinkedIn influencer but what I can say is with right connections and powerful posts or articles, you will see awesome results with your short stay on LinkedIn.

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Here are some reasons why you should write compelling articles on LinkedIn

Grow your audience

LinkedIn has a huge audience of business owners and successful people. It is the best social media to share something of interest to business leaders, startups, industry professionals, employers, and potential clients. By reading your articles, you’ll get to connect with them and positively impact your career.

LinkedIn audience starves for content leaders

I have personally received several invitations to content creation projects on LinkedIn. The articles you publish on LinkedIn do not only circulate around your connections. They go beyond and even further if you create supernatant, shareable content. This way, you get introduced to other industry leaders.

Take advantage of LinkedIn stats

If you own a site, publishing on LinkedIn is worth the efforts. LinkedIn directs traffic to your site. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn sends four folds more people to your profile. It’s likely more people will view your site’s homepage. In addition, LinkedIn grows fast among other social media platforms with young aged and active users.

How do you write LinkedIn articles that engage people?

It’s simple, anyone can write them. Make sure to write something that interests you and you are familiar with. Quickly, here are the steps;

Select a title and headers

Make your title short. Six or seven words are enough. Your title should allure readers and provide the grand message of your article. Your headers may change as you write to fit your audience and ease the delivery of your core message.

Watch your article’s quality

A quality LinkedIn article should fulfill the needs or interest of its readers. Its core message should influence your immediate connections and the core audience you write to.

Research before you write

Research helps you write more valuable content that readers will read and be ready to share. It should be educative, include pieces of evidence like market stats or data. Include images in your article, this helps profiling better your article.

Update your articles frequently

Some write and think it’s done. The world is dynamic, you should get back to the articles you published previously and update them with new information. Sometimes, you can even get back to research more. That way, you keep your readers with up-to-date information.

To publish on LinkedIn, all you need is a LinkedIn account, a title and header image. Check out my LinkedIn article here. Should you have any question or idea to share, just drop them in the comments below, I will be happy to reply to you.


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