Online Workers-5 Safe and Secure Methods to Withdraw Cash Online

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One of the commonest questions aspiring freelancers ask themselves is “How can one make money online?” Another, probably second most common question is “How do I withdraw online cash?” The third and most important question is “What are the safe and secure methods?”

If you’ve been bothered by same questions, you’re at the right place, reading the right stuff! Below are 5 solid methods that allow you to keep and or withdraw cash online.


Earliest times, in 2015 when I got emailed after making $5 online I was super excited, lol.




1. Skrill; with Skrill, you simply need an email address and a password to open your personal or business account, freely and start sending or receiving money to or from anyone, anywhere (of course not to Mars!). Skrill has an anti-fraud team that protects transactions, so your payments and personal information are in safe hands. Skrill is painless; with fees of only 1%, you send more money. Also, note that Skrill is currently running an offer. Enjoy no send money fee until 30th April 2018.


2. Payoneer; whatever online work you’re doing (provided it’s legal), Payoneer makes it easier to be paid online, be it by companies, global marketplaces or international clients. It’s a quick, secure and costless way. All that you’re supposed to do is to sign up to Payoneer, receive your online payments and withdraw to your local bank or at ATMs, worldwide.


3. M-PESA; yes, M-PESA is that popular! It was not considered an option until last year when Upwork integrated M-PESA as one of the ways to withdraw online cash. It is quick; you get your money in few minutes, though it may take hours also! The bad side of M-PESA is its high fees. This makes other methods stand out.


4. Bank Transfer; this method is quite common. Marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork allow freelancers to withdraw their funds through bank transfer. However, bank transfer method is suitable for huge amounts. It might be painful for peanuts. With bank transfer, you’ll receive your money within 3 business days in most banks, it may take longer though!


5. PayPal; for some reasons, I have put PayPal last on my list. I’ll explain! But if you’re looking for the simplest and safer way to pay online, then PayPal is great. You just need to sign up for PayPal with your email address and password, securely add your card and start making online payments. However, I have recently seen Kenyans blaming that PayPal is closing their accounts with no solid reasons. This tempted me to put PayPal down on the list.


What method are you using to withdraw your online cash? Share with me in the comment box below. If you’re yet to set your account, which of the above suits you more? Do you have any ideas or questions regarding online cash withdraw? Share with me what you think!

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