7 Tips for Boosting Productivity When Working from Home as a Freelance Writer

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If you have worked from home before, you understand the challenges. If you are a first-timer, you will soon learn that it’s not all sleeping in and doing what you want, when you want. You need to find a good balance and maintain productivity. You are trying to avoid burn out. So, how can it be done? How can you boost productivity while working from home as a freelance writer?



Create a schedule

As a freelance writer, you are your own boss. You don’t need to worry about getting into the office on time or satisfying your superior. This means that you need to set your schedule and deadlines. You are responsible for setting tasks and completing them on time.

Make a schedule for your workdays. At the start of each week, create a schedule that allows you to be productive. Make sure you stick with it! Setting deadlines and working towards them is the best way to stay motivated and avoid distractions. This is your job, and it depends on how well you manage your time. Prioritise responsibility and finish tasks on time.

Get the right gear

Every job requires specific tools. As a home-based writer and business owner, you need the right tools too. In this case, you need a computer, a mobile phone, and a planner. A basic list of devices, but equally essential. Chances are you have these items. Do they need updating? Are you looking at a tiny laptop screen all day? If you are using a laptop, get yourself a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to make things easier.  Purchasing some new toys can be very motivating

Your office

Where you work influences your motivation more than you realize. Having a space in your home that is dedicated to working is ideal. Each room in your house has a purpose, for example, a kitchen is for eating and cooking. A workspace is no different. You need a place in your home that allows you to be productive, stay focused and write. There is no need for a fancy office, just a good desk, and a comfortable chair. If you need to clear out a room, consider doing it. You can store furniture or other items at a very low cost with sites like Spacer.

Working in the same place every day, with no colleagues, will take its toll. You will become unmotivated and suffer burn out. Whenever you feel this is happening, get out of the house and find another working space for the day. This could be in a café, at a desk in the park, shared working space or at a friend’s office.

Improve your skills

If you have some extra time on your hands, use it to stay on top of things. Freelance writers need to develop their skills through constant learning and development. Whenever you are having a slow work week or in between jobs, evaluate your skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Choose areas that you need the most work.

Development can be achieved in many ways. Taking a course, reading, listening to podcasts or challenging yourself to learn a new style of writing. As a freelancer, you can learn new things that don’t involve writing. For example, you could start building a website, learn graphic design, brush up on your marketing knowledge. Anything that is supplementary to your freelance writing is worthwhile.

Website and social media

Continually updating relevant platforms is critical. You need to keep marketing yourself to potential customers. One way of doing this is keeping your social media, blogs, and websites up to date. Your online presence is critical and one of the best ways to reach potential clients.

There are many things you can do to improve your online presence. Improve the search engine optimization of your website. Create testimonials so people can read about you. Even a general update on the theme or design can do a world of difference. Start brainstorming ideas and creating a backlog of posts on social media. Start looking for some guest post opportunities to get more content. You don’t have to spend lots of time on this to get a good outcome.

Remember, you are in control and hold all the cards. Each person will be different from the next, do some trial and error and see what keeps you motivated and productive.

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