My Writers Bureau September Read-The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari By Robin Sharma

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I’m writing this review a few minutes after I have finished reading the last page of the book that one year ago, my colleague told me about. To be honest, I procrastinated to take a read and at this moment I regret and wish one could tell me about this book five years ago. Even for some of us who are not big fans of self development books might have at least heard about Robin Sharma and his popular book- The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. This is an easy to understand book containing practical life transforming tips. The author narrates about a story of Julian Mantle, an exceptionally successful lawyer who overdosed his body by working a lot, forgetting his health and later succumbed a heart attack. He then travels to India where he meets the sages of the Himalaya that teach him some simple rules to live a meaningful life.

The author tells the rules in form of a story of a giant sumo wrestler in a green field with a lighthouse, the giant wears a pink wire rope to cover his private parts, he stumbles and fall on a gold stopwatch. His hand touches some flowers and in front of him he sees a path of diamonds. Every component of this story represents a modifiable part in our lives to make it more meaningful. The nurtured garden stands on behalf of our minds that need to be nurtured by positive thoughts. Just like a weed in a garden, allowing one negative thought to penetrate our heads leads to a corrupt mind.

The lighthouse in a garden represents a life of purpose. The author suggest we list a number of things that make us happy and work hard on them. We all have dreams but somewhere in the journey we are lost. Once a deadline is set, a dream becomes a goal.

The sumo wrestler represents the struggle of self development. After knowing your life purpose, it’s essential to monitor and improve your performance along the way. This is achieved by the will power and perseverance that is represented by the pink wire string attached to the wrestler’s waist.

The wrestler stumbles on a gold watch: this reminds us of the most precious gift: time, rather than stressing about the future or dwelling in the past, we better cherish the present and make the most of it. The flowers in the green field ask us to perform good deeds to those around us. At the end, the path of diamonds tells us if we follow these principles we will live satisfied lives.

This book is a must read for all those who are struggling to find meaning in their lives or need to find a purpose. We came to this world with no thing, we are destined to leave with no thing. Robin Sharma shares all the wisdom he got from the sages of sivana, it’s my sacred duty also to pass this wisdom to you.

I thought you should have this must read book

If you’ve already read this book in the past, feel free to share with me your thoughts about the book in the comments below. Is there any other book you’d like to recommend to My Writers Bureau Readers? Share with me the name of that book.

Wish you luck and love.


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