Top Six (6) Hot Hints to Get Your Article Read 100K Times

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The purpose of article writing is to impart message and information and to make an article readable and enjoyable. If your article is boring and very bland then reading will be boring twice.
I highlight in this article some points and guides needed to be reminded of for article writing to not be strenuous and straining, written articles should get read. Let's struck the iron:

(1) Craft an attention-grabbing tittle:

The title should be short and concise to describe the article content. If your tittle hooks up readers you're already half way to get them read your article. Your tittle should be on something people are looking for.

(2) Make use of numbers and bullets:

Start each point, hint or guide with a number or bullet. This makes it easier for your readers to remember and digest. Your article shouldn't look like a block of square paragraphs. Beautify it!

(3) Write short paragraphs:

Paragraphs can be one or two sentences. Even a word! Long paragraphs are confusing and hard to read. They chase readers into more easier ones. Stop writing a mountain of words, write a short and neat paragraph.

(4) Use of subheadings:

In case of long paragraphs, this breaks points into easy to read sections with smooth transition from point to point without loosing reader's attention or the direction which the article takes.

(5) Make your article interesting:

You can make your readers wanting to read more by the use of real life situations. Don't pretend, allow them to imagine what you are talking about. Share and make the experiences pleasurable.

(6) When necessary utilize figures: 

Don't just put ordinary solid statements. Figures give your article authority but avoid to be too formal. Make them flow lightly and easy into the hearts of your readers.


Writing articles could be fun if you exercise the above hints. Always remember to write as you speak. That way readers will cherish your works.  Let me hear what you think in the comments below!

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