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Some years ago, I thought making money online is magic. But now it's no longer a magic. You may have read in the internet that it's relatively easy to start making money online. Yes, it is true, you can make a descent income working from home without breaking social norms. Writing is one of vital skills you need to generate passive income online. Of course there is more than making money as an article writer. If you dream of becoming a successful article writer, please read on for the next 15 minutes:


One helpful tip:

As a freelance writer, it means the individual client or the company has not legally employed you. You do their job per demand. That means you're likely not to receive health benefits, so, always check your situation. I personally wear my dark glasses while working on my computer to protect my eyes. But if you want to permanently replace your current job with article writing, then, looking for health insurance is a must!


Now we get in to the business:

If you want to start earning money using your writing skills, from writing articles either for individual clients or companies, you simply need to search for such projects online. I'll talk about great places to look for writing projects online in one of my coming posts, but just to enlighten you, through online bidding websites, classified ads and job boards you can simply find someone to pay you for every single word that you write. Having said this; my caution would be; there are also unfaithful people online. This happens when you write an article and your client doesn't pay you. Very disgusting! We call these scammers. My advise on that is; if you encounter a new client, ask for an upfront payment before you start writing or you can ask for this when the project reaches half a way. That way; you will never loose your all efforts.


But you can also start writing for yourself. Find a content website and give them usage rights to post your articles, you may be paid by that, whether an upfront payment or a page view bonus. In other content websites you can list your articles for sale. Some articles pay indirectly. How? You write articles and fill them in a blog/website that has advertisements then you make money when visitors click those advertisements or when they make a purchase.


Whether you write for clients or you write for your self you will need an online account to deposit your payments. Therefore, opening a PayPal account is important. It is the safest way to receive payments online. Most clients won't prefer issuing checks. Open your PayPal account, it is free and you can also ask to transfer your money to a local bank account that you may have a cup of coffee.


Now depending on your country, you may need to report your earnings to Internal Revenue Source (IRS) for self employment taxation even if you do a part time job. This is important for new writers so that it doesn't become a new thing at the end. You can even start saving some money for that. It's a few coins anyway!


Are you using Microsoft Word for writing articles? Yes, many clients love their work to be formatted using Microsoft Word, it has helpful spell and grammar check tools. You may also choose to use Grammarly, this is a nifty editor you can ever possess. It corrects more than 250 grammatical errors which Microsoft Word can't.


What I have written above is few among many tips that you need to know to start making money online as an article writer. Keep your eyes on this blog and I'll be bringing to you all the smartest tips you need to know. Keep focused and let's keep on with the discussion in comments below.

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