How to Discover Your Hypocrisy and Strategies to Reduce it

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Good Day Readers! 

I must start with a confession that I haven't posted in the "self-development category" for a while now. It's just part of life, being busy now and then. Today I'll teach on how to discover your hypocrisy and some surfire ways to reduce it.

A human mind naturally wants to see itself in a positive light despite the fact that it can skillfully rationalize whatever it thinks and does. This is why we struggle to hide our failures from ourselves and others. We see the shortcomings in others and fail to see them in ourselves. We consider ourselves fair. Many times we profess certain beliefs and fail to behave in accordance with those beliefs. 

We throw ourselves in a state of dishonesty whether to ourselves or to others. Our minds are naturally hypocritical and we manifest this in three main ways:

  • Failure to live in accordance to our beliefs
  • We find ourselves righteous in front of others and especially those we disagree with
  • Failure to see contradictions in the behaviour of people with high status

Friend, start to see the truth in yourself and others. From today, make sure your beliefs and actions are consistent. Say what you mean and mean what you say. That is what we call intellectual integrity. Learn to routinely observe incosistences in your behaviour and face them truthfully with no excuses. when you face hypocrisy in this way, you will grow beyond it and start to recognize it in others. Always speak the truth and people will never manipulate you. 

Here is how you can notice hypocrisy in others, say your spouse 

  • Observe how they say and do things. Compare their words and their deeds. How many people claim to love someone, ending breaking up or criticizing you behind your back?
  • Take an example of people closest to you; your partner, spouse, children or friends. Do they say what they mean and mean what they say? 

Here is how you can reduce your hypocrisy to live a better life

  • Look at the areas where you are too much emotionally involved. The situations in which you expect more from others than you do from yourself. Do you expect more from your spouse or your children? 
  • Today, take a piece of paper, make a list of beliefs that seem most important to you. There must be situations in which your actions do not tally with your beliefs. What does your behaviour say about yourself? You might say you love someone and fail to behave in accordance to his/her interests! 

To this point if you don't see hypocrisy in yourself, look again, again and again. 

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