7 Psychological Tricks to Stay Strong among Other Writers

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What are we really talking about when we’re talking about being a strong writer?

  • A great base of readers;
  • Influence;
  • Persuasion

In essence, we’re talking about readers picking your work over anything else they see in the bookstore or online. We’re talking about being stronger than the competition. We are talking about taking a healthy dose of criticism and growing stronger from it.

How exactly can you stay strong among all other writers? They are competing for the same readers. If most of them are stronger than you, the readers will prefer them.

We’ll list 7 psychological methods that will keep you resilient.

  1. Remember the reason

Why are you writing? Are you doing it for the money? Maybe writing helps you find your own sense of self-importance? Are you writing because that’s the only thing you can do?

When you feel like you’re failing under the pressure of competition, remind yourself of the reason that has always kept you going. That’s the best psychological trick that keeps you doing what you do best.

  1. Imagine your ideal reader

This one always works.

Your goal is to write something better than a competitor would write. You want your target readers to pick you. For that purpose, you need to understand what they would like to get. Close your eyes and imagine your ideal reader. What issues are they dealing with? What solutions do they need? Then, address that person directly through your writing.

This trick brings you in a conversation with the imaginary reader. That conversation will seem real, so the readers will connect with your work on a deeper level.

  1. Avoid temptations when you work

When you want to write a brilliant piece without going beyond the deadline, you have to practice self-control. There’s only one method that helps you do that: avoiding distractions and temptations. First of all, you need to set an intention. Plan the volume of words/pages you’re going to write per day. When you feel weak and tired, remind yourself of that goal. Instead of spending time on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, just keep writing.

Sometimes your ability for self-control needs some help from the outside. Browser extensions like Strict Workflow and StayFocusd will prevent you from accessing distracting websites.

  1. Practice acceptance

As a writer, you’ll get critiques. Deal with that fact. Your work is stressful and it takes time to heal when things don’t go the way you envisioned. When the audience doesn’t like your work, you have to accept that truth. Don’t ignore, deny, or repress that fact. Take both the good and the bad comments into consideration.

Analyze the work of writers who are successful at this moment. What do they have? Better themes? A more approachable style? More mystery? Find the links you’re missing and grow from there.

  1. Collaborate!

The worst thing you could do is ignore the fact that there are great writers out there. Remember: you are not the only one. Instead of seeing other writers as competitors, you can start seeing them as collaborators. Together, you’re making efforts to increase the interests of the readers for the type of content you produce.

Here is another way to work with other writers: get their help when you’re stuck. There are online agencies that provide the writing services reviews and may connect you with professional writers from different categories. You can ask for their feedback or get editing assistance. When you get such support, you will feel stronger.

  1. Ask yourself: what if?

This simple question is more powerful than you assume. When you feel stuck or weak, consider few opportunities.

What if I add more facts?

What if I take these opposing opinions and argue with them to make the article more convincing?

What if I make my hero a bit more negative?

These questions will remove your ego from the discussion. That’s the psychological trick you play on yourself. You create a safe environment that triggers curiosity and brainstorming.

  1. Sit in silence

People are masters of distraction. You always find excuses to watch TV series, go to a restaurant, or drink a bit more wine than you planned to. However, deep inside, you have to keep writing. As a result, you develop an inner conflict that leads to trauma and stress.

There’s only one way to deal with this struggle: sit in silence. Find your reasons. Give credit to the qualities that make you different from the competition. When you’re strong in silence, it means you can deal with your inner critic.


Are you ready to work on your resilience and self-esteem? The above-listed psychological tricks will help you stay strong among other writers.


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