INFLUENCE WITH PEN: A secret no one will tell you verbally

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I wasn't able to write this piece until I made a decision to do so, I had to listen to my inner man keenly to put something to paper. I had a voice from within which encouraging me to write, I want to be a celebrated author.

Remind me, what do authors do? Its simple they write, they make research to come up with good work to inspire others. Do you also aspire to be a celebrated author? Maybe not, but you like reading and writing. That's my wish too, me and you have got to do things differently.

Good writers read, they actually read more than you might think, you can't come up with a good piece, let's say news article,a book or a novel when you don't read. You need to read what others write to borrow ideas and polish yours, it helps you improve your grammar when constructing sentences. No one wants to read a poorly written item with poor grammar. At least read a book everyday, if you have no access to books you can get old news papers and read those, don't read for fun read to learn.

There is nothing disappointing like planning to do something and end up doing nothing, that's procrastinating, and in the writers world procrastination is a sin. Writing is like football, you need to practice to perfect it, of course you need to get someone to read what you write, whoever reads your work is your audience, it can be your sister/brother, a friend, it could even be your spo14642446_1403781976300356_3582541819966489932_nuse. It doesn't matter, you can ask them to read through and then give you feedback, this will help you to judge yourself.

You can even send a 'letter to the editor'. Every news paper in Kampala has a whole page for articles written by their readers, I used to do this when I was at the University and I could always feel the improvement whenever my article get published, no one will pay you for sending those letters but it will really help you improve.

You can as well use the social media opportunity before you, its free and affordable. When others are using it for fun, use it to improve your writing skills and also connect with other people in the same field, open up a Facebook page and post at least one piece everyday or a week. You can also start a free hosted personal blog and be a blogger, many will get to read what you write.

Writing is a good thing, it helps you communicate a lot more which you might not do with spoken, not every one can speak boldly to people but writing gives you that extra opportunity to communicate effectively, do you remember when we used to write love letters? Yes you do, it was fun. Almost every girl of those days received a love letter with flowers drawn around it, many of them are now married, and what initiated their love life is a mere letter.

Well,that's not the only example I can give to prove that writing is the best communication tool man has ever invented. Mahatma Gandhi the inspirer of many democracy advocates was an introvert, he was a very poor public speaker and in his biography confessed to having a poor handwriting. But that didn't stop him from communicating his idea to others, he used writing as a tool to fight for his fellow Indians rights in South Africa and back home in India.

He used to write speeches and then give other people to read for him in meetings, he wrote perforates which helped to inform the world on how Indians rights were being violated in South Africa during Apartheid and the most famous of those is known as the 'Green perforate' Who doubts Mahatma Ghandi's contribution to modern-day democracy? Who knows, it might be you this time. Start writing your ideas into essays, news letters, or books, let us influence the world.

Nkonge Charles

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