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About the competition

Andika Rwanda is the annual national writing competition for children’s stories and poems. This is a joint partnership with the Rwanda Education Board, USAID’s Literacy, Language, and Learning (L3) Initiative, implemented by Education Development Center. The first competition was conducted in 2014.

The goals of the competition are to increase the number of locally-authored stories and poems for primary school children, improve children’s access to these new materials, and, in so doing, encourage the development of a reading and writing culture. All Rwandan primary and secondary students, as well as adults in the community, are eligible to participate.

In 2015, schools and communities across the country participated in the second annual Andika Rwanda national competition for writing children’s stories and poems, sending in 3,223 entries.

This competition is a home-grown solution to Rwanda’s lack of reading materials. Purchasing reading materials written by others and shipping them to schools and communities is costly, in terms of money, time, and culture. Materials written for Rwandans, by Rwandans will be easily accessible and in the Rwandan context.

All Rwandans, primary students, secondary students, and community members, are eligible to participate. Authors will write stories and poems, in English and Kinyarwanda, for primary school children. The winning stories and poems will be professionally edited, illustrated, and published, and winners will receive prizes and a trip to Kigali to further improve their writing.

Local government officials are the key actors for disseminating information, supporting participants, selecting best entries, and sending entries to the next level of evaluation. REB inspectors are defined as key actors to monitor activities within the districts.  

At the community level, Executive Secretaries  and Sector Education Officers (SEOs) have to disseminate information about the competition through opportunities such as community meetings and events. Sectors are also provided with a packet of detailed information to guide interested participants. 

At the school level, head teachers have also to work with teachers to inform students and parents about the competition. They have also to support teachers in providing support to students by, as possible, having lessons focusing on writing. Schools will have juries to select the best entry for each cycle (P1-P3, P4-P6, S1-S3, and S4-S6). Those selected would be sent on through the sector, and those not selected could be used to promote reading and writing at the school.
When was the official launch?

This year’s competition, an official launch was done through a one hour radio talk show programme that took place on 11th June, on Radio Isango Star 91.5 FM from 11:00 AM to 12: 00 PM.

The purpose of the radio programme was to announce the launch of the competition and to ensure that all Rwandans at all levels are aware and fully participate to this important writing competition. A space and a venue for citizens to debate on Andika Rwanda competition was created and Rwandans citizens are well informed about the objectives and instructions of 2016 Andika Rwanda competition. The participants to this talk show were mainly REB represented by Mr. Rutali Gerard DDG Education Quality and Standard, and L3/EDC represented by Mr. Protogene Ndahayo, Programs Implementation Coordinator.
During the talk show, citizens were calling in, to interact and present their views or questions live on air.
Important dates about the competition of this year:

  • All participants must submit their entries no later than August 10th
  •  Schools have juries by August 17th
  •  Schools send submissions to sectors by August 20th
  •  Sectors send submissions to districts in the week of 24th August to 29th August
  •  Sectors must submit school and community entries to the DEO no later than August 24th
  •  Sectors will also send a summary of their participation to the Vice Mayor of Social Affairs.
  •  Districts hold juries in the week of August 30th to September 7th
  •  District will submit to REB/ National level in the week of 7th September to 14th September
  • National inventory of district submissions
  • National Jury will be done in the week of 14th September to 21st September
  • Winners to be confirmed by 29th September


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