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A lot of good folks out there want to write. But somehow, they just cannot start. One may ask, why is this so ?

They’ve not discovered the secrets to a successful writing career.
They’ve not discovered what readers    love
They’re procrastinating and entertain self doubts
Their language mastery is weak, their grammar shakes and they’ve not acquired a holistic grasp of language rules
They’re too busy
They’ve never found a publisher
They’ve never earn a penny from their pen
These are lame and crazy excuses, the concerns of many, the writers’ blocks, ugly and stumbling. The very reasons that many people continue to wish they could write well or start the writing craft someday. These are people who hesitate to sidestep fears and start living their dreams. If you’re one of these people, my caution is, you might perish. Here is the single most important secret you’ll ever need to stop procrastinating and murder your writing fears.

Some Memorable Recommendations…

Miss. Karen Alibela Katabwa

Auditor, Ernst and Young Co. Ltd | 2nd Prize Winner, 2014 ARSO Second Continental Essay Competition, Tanzania.


“Let out what you have inside for the world. There is a phenomenal potential within you if and only if you decide and do it. Julius is an excellent writer who is growing day by day and I highly commend him for your awesome read”
PS: A good writer is a good reader.
Have a good read.

Mr. Noel Leonard Mgeni

Chief Digital Content Writer, Gaming Africa Co. Ltd | 2013, Overall Winner across Africa; African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG) Youth Essay Contest – African Union Commission – Department of Political Affairs (AUC-DPA), Tanzania.


“I’ve said for years that one day I wanted to write a book that would be very helpful to writers who are young or old, studying or working, excited or skilled, that laid out how to murder writing fears. Julius Kessy’s written it. Reading this book is like getting a front-row seat to some of the greatest moments in writing history.”

Mr. Kairu Kuguru

Co-founder, Creative Connekt | A Professional Photographer | A Social Art-preneur | Community Empowerment Programs, Kenya.


“Eversince i knew Julius, I get thrilled with the articles he writes in our Newspaper column. If I were to describe him in few words, i would say; Julius is such a talented writer, his writing is simple, clear and makes the reader to keep reading”

Julius P. Kessy
Creative Director & CEO, My Writers Bureau | Newspaper Columnist, The County Times Kenya | Introvert Speaker, My Speakers Bureau | One of Tanzania Bureau of Standards finest Writers.


“Ta da!!! Thank you a ton seniors for your spectacular recommendations. It’s not fluke – Murdering Your Writing Fears is what will make your voice louder  and stand firm in a noisy world of writing giants. Go ahead to download it, with my help and your hard work, you will soon be on your way to calling yourself a published writer. Writing is as easy as counting 1,2,3…”

When your heart grip for fear of writing, try to talk with experienced writers, you will discover that: they all feared writing in some manner. When you recognize this truth, it will comfort you and also boost
your confidence in writing. I might not be able to tell exactly what your fear is, but I know you definitely have what’s pulling you back! Just like having a nightmare and getting scared in the dream, the easy way out is to wake up! So wake up now!!!


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