9 Reasons Why All Writers Are Weird And We Are Damn Proud Of It!

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Have you ever met a person who will stare at a blank page for hours, days even, only to write one single, solitary sentence and then rewrite it a thousand times over and when finally “done,” still doubt that it’s good enough and yet they still express an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment?

1. We dare to wear pajamas all day long.

You know it’s true. Don’t hide it. Be proud. When we wake up with a brilliant idea, we can’t be bothered with getting dressed. Fire up that computer, make coffee (or whatever your preference is) and Typity Type Type. As adults with responsibilities beyond just writing we don’t always have this luxury, but when we do… oh, how heavenly it is.

2. We forget to eat.

The best dieting plan for any writer is a good idea for a new book. Once I start writing I can lose complete track of time and sustenance.

3. We fall in love with anything that gives us inspiration to write.

The muse is not always another person; it can be a beautiful seashell, arrowhead, or a shiny rock polished by the sands of time. Whatever it might be, we fall head over heels in love with it and we will cherish it as our most precious ally in our quest to write what we are destined to write. Strange looks from others be damned! It’s the inspiration that matters. Right?

4. We love our readers! Critics be damned!

We have a love hate relationship with those who read our work. If you love it, you’re a cherished reader who we love with all of our scribbling hearts, but if you criticize our work, well… damn you, hater! It’s as simple as that. Anyone who says differently isn’t being honest with you or herself. Editors don’t get a free pass.

5. The best way to get back to writing is to get away from it.

This truly is a weird concept and that’s exactly why so many of us take so long to realize it. When I can’t write a word to save my life the best thing I can do is get up, get dressed and go for a nice long walk. And you know what? It can be a blizzard outside, tornadoes and winds roaring at upwards of 100mph, I’ll go for that walk anyway. I’m a writer and I’ll do anything to get back to writing.

6. We lose track of everything and anything.

As we get older we claim we’ve become minimalists, but the reality is that we are writers and we don’t need too much more than a good place to write and the basic tools necessary to do the work. That’s it. What more could you possibly want? Oh, sustenance. We covered that already.

7. We want to pick ourselves.

We relish the freedom of publishing our work on our personal blogs and self-publishing our own books. We don’t need anyone else. We can write and publish as freely as we wish. Ah, what freedom! Who needs anyone to pick us?

8. We still want someone else to pick us!

We can sell a million copies of our books, but if we are self-published we still want a respected publication to recognize our greatness and acknowledge us by publishing our work.

9. We live in perpetual self-doubt.

No good writer worth his or her salt is free of doubt. If you haven’t given up on a story, an idea or a novel because doubt kicked your ass to the curb, then you’ve still got work to do.

You don’t get to call yourself a writer until doubt has caused you to want to give up and quit writing for good, and then, of course, you struggle for a while until you find a great mentor, a compelling muse, or read the rightinspirational book, and find your way back to writing.

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