The Cross; A Poem By Mecky Onditi

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The Cross

Author; Mecky Onditi


He left his kingdom
My Jesus literally left His kingdom
Where He was the King of kings and Prince of princes
But He left all His riches
To come to this sinful city
So to free the slave
Held in with steel chains
And concrete walls of spiritual bondage..

Let me ask you a question…
Do you know how much he had to do in order to accomplish this mission..!!?
I’ll tell you what He did..

He became a human being with flesh, blood and bones just for you
He left His immortal nature and stooped down and low
To take our sinful human nature..

He was born as a man
And passed through the birth canal
Of a pure virgin woman
Out He came on a manger
Greeted first by goats, sheep and cattle
And not doctors or nurses in a fancy hospital..

He lived as a man
He ate as a man
He drank as a man
He bathed, He clothed, he walked as a man
He worked as a man
In His earthly father’s shop as a carpenter
Yes, my God
No, our God worked as a carpenter..

But that’s not all
Coz ultimately he died for all
But the journey to His death was not tarmacked or red-carpeted
But was filled with flesh piercing thorns..

For He was betrayed, captivated and trialed
Clothed with a kingly robe and a crown of thorns, O hail king of the Jews, He was mocked
While spitting on His face He was humiliated
And when done in the judgment hall
He was found with no fault but still was condemned
First to be persecuted
With whips and lashes while bear skinned..

Let me rephrase that..
He was stripped off naked
Then tied by a rope
By the mighty soldiers that were fully trained
Then, He was furiously whipped and lashed
Tiill He was bruised and blood stained..

But the persecutors were not done
For to kill Him was their goal
Then, they led Him
Down the path of suffering
That ended with Him on His death bed..

So He trod, down the Via Dolorosa
With a heavy cross loaded on His back
Whose flesh, like grated cheese was torn apart
With wounds that tore His arteries and veins
His blood was drained
His strength was drained
And He became extremely weakened..

He then lifted up the cross
Carried it, but down the road He fell once
He rose and took it up again
But then He fell again
But still He pressed on, determined not to give up
So to die on the cross and save all human kind..

Finally they came to a place called Golgotha
Where the savior was to suffer and breathe His last
Like a lamb to a slaughter
He was calm to the sodiers
Easening their work so to complete His mission..

With arms open wide and pressed on the wooden cross
Six inch nails were hammered through His hands and feet
But He endured all this, with no sound or a flinch of a muscle
Constantly praying for the forgivness of the persecutors
And when the hour came
He was lifted up and He cried

Brothers and sisters
Fellows all around
Christ Jesus died for me and you
Not for us to live alone, miserably and how we like
But to live with Him..

And every time we become distant
By the sins that separate us
We agonize and make Him drink of the cup he did 2000 years ago
We make Him trod the path He did 2000 years ago..

Our Savior longs for our love
And so, He calls for us to share His love
With arms open wide, He bids us to come
Out of the sinful darkness to the light He shines
To abandon our sinful ways
Which are full of dismays
To join his righteous ways
That are full of peace, joy and lack all dismays…

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