Change Mentality Campaign 2016 Essay Competition on Corruption and Bad Governance

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Corruption has been described as a cancer that is slowing world’s development and progress. Despite the myriad of challenges, corruption tops the list and can easily be referred to as the genesis of all problems. It is worse especially in developing countries because it is blamed for under development, poverty, slow economic growth, increasing unemployment, poor health care systems, illiteracy among other negativities in the society.
The International Youth Network against Corruption (IYNAC) is on a mission to fight and eradicate corruption and bad governance through effective and sustainable corruption eradication strategies and solutions pioneered and championed by youth.
Currently IYNAC is seeking to grow its networks by recruiting volunteers who shall be mentored to become Anti-Corruption Ambassadors in different countries and continents of the world. As part of our “Change Mentality Campaign 2016” activities, IYNAC would like to engage youth to share their ideas and perspective on what it will take to end corruption and prescribe some sustainable solutions which they think if adopted and implemented fully will see an end to this corruption menace.
IYNAC would like views expressed through competitive essays, poetry, cartoons, painting and photographs. Views should cover any range of issues that affect or touch on the fight against corruption in all sectors.
The goal of the competition is to capture, feature, and learn from the voices of youth on how to deal with the challenge of corruption in their country.

Participants are required to try and answer below questions while giving recommendations or suggestions:
» What are the constraints to the fight against corruption in your country?
» Has the global crisis changed the dynamics?
» Are the measure put in place to curb corruption working?
» What is not being done right and what do you think should be done?
» Are the institutions charged with the mandate to fight corruption up to the task?

Category A. Essay & Poetry
Youth are invited to write their essays or poetry choosing their own titles with the topic focusing on sustainable and effective corruption eradication solution in their respective countries and globally. They should be realistic, sustainable and in line with the universal human rights.

Category B: Corruption in Cartoons
This is open to all. The cartoon should creatively express obstacles or facilitators to the fight against corruption, themed messages urging or warning the society against engaging in corruption.

Category C: Photography and Paintings
This is open to all. The photo should capture a distinct message on corruption, with an explanation in no more than 100 words on what the story is. The photo should be of high quality.

The International Youth Network Against Corruption (IYNAC)

There will be 5 sets of prizes – Essay, Poetry, Cartoons, Photography and Painting. Each set has monetary prizes broken down as follows:
1st prize – US$1000
2nd prize – US$750
3rd prize – US$500
4th prize – US$350
5th prize – US$250

» The first 3 winners will also be sponsored to attend the 3 major IYNAC Conferences, while top ten winner entrants will be sponsored to attend one conference, while all entrants will be sponsored to attend IYNAC conferences at half the conference cost.
» Selected entries will be published on the organizations website and any other organizations publication without the consent of the author but will be marked as his/her.
» Selected competitive entries will be compiled into a publication titled ‘youth talk on corruption- 2016’, which will be presented at the IYNAC-2016 Conferences to be held in Nairobi Kenya (May 2016), Cape town South Africa (September 2016) and Berlin Germany (December 2016).

31st March 2016 by 2359hrs

» Essays should be in English only, type-written in no more than 2500 words using font 12.
» Writers are encouraged to title their essays in line with their selected focus. The essay could be of any kind, e.g. descriptive, critical, cause/effect, etc.…
» Open to participants globally aged 18- 35 (winners will need to provide proof of age)
» Essays can be submitted as MS Word documents (.doc) or in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
» All submissions must be the author’s original work, and should not have been previously published anywhere
» By entering this competition, entrants agree to have their entries published on the IYNAC website and/or Newsletter without being consulted
» Please NOTE that you can submit entries in all categories
» Those taking part in photography, cartoons and arts categories should send a scanned copy or high resolution photo of their original work and keep the original work which will later be required as proof.
» Winners will be announced on 2nd May, 2016 and will also be notified through the contacts they will provide.
» E-mail entries to Note: Only attached entries should be sent to
» Indicate your name, contact details including phone number, email address, country of current residence and the category you are entering.
» Entries will be considered on the basis of originality, relevance, persuasiveness, and quality.
» For further information, send mail

Any query should be sent to

Comradejuliusofafrica-The Writers Bureau.

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