Thresholds International Short Fiction Feature Writing Competition

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THRESHOLDS is the only online forum dedicated to the reading, writing and study of the short story form. One overall winner will be chosen, followed by two runners-up.
Like doorways and other thresholds, the short story form gives us the sense that we are crossing worlds, and entering new realities and states of mind.  Across the threshold, both reader and protagonist arrive, often together, at fresh perceptions of what it means to be – and feel – alive.

Author profile exploring the life, writings and influence of a single short story writer.
We recommend personal recommendations of a collection, anthology, group of short stories or a single short story.*

Thresholds International

1st Prize: £500
2 Runners-up: £100 each

March 6, 2016

» All entries must be submitted by email as a Word document (.doc, .docx or .rtf only) or PDF attachment and sent to with the subject line ‘Feature Competition’. Word documents are preferred. All entries must be written in English.
» Entries must be received by 11:59pm (GMT) on Sunday 06 March 2016.
» There is no entry fee.
» Maximum word count is 2,000, with a minimum of 750. Writers may submit a maximum of 3 essays.
» Please note: the Competition is open for non-fiction entries only. Short story submissions will NOT be accepted.
» Work should be double spaced and in a minimum of 11 point font. All pages should be numbered.
» The stories or collections under discussion may be either contemporary or classic, and can be in print or out of print.
» Entries must be accompanied by a separate title page (i.e. saved in a separate document) containing the following information: name and email address of the writer; title of entry(ies); category of each entry — Author Profile or We Recommend.
» manuscripts should be double-spaced and left-hand justified;
» paragraphs should not be indented;
» titles of books and journals should be italicised;
» titles of short stories should be enclosed in single quotation marks;
» short extracts of a cited work should be enclosed in single quotation marks;
» extracts longer than three sentences should be single spaced and fully indented to set them apart from the rest of the text;
» dialogue which falls within an extract should be enclosed by double quotation marks;
» citations should be embedded in the text, not in footnotes, and use Harvard Referencing;
» Entries will be judged anonymously. Your name, address, or email address should NOT appear on the manuscript.
» Entries cannot be altered once they have been submitted.
» Entries must be original and unpublished. Work that has appeared on the internet (apart from in a personal blog) is considered published and therefore is not eligible. Simultaneous submissions are NOT accepted (i.e. features submitted to multiple journals/magazines simultaneously).
» The entrant warrants to THRESHOLDS’ editors that the essay is original to him/her, that he/she has the full power to agree to the Competition rules of entry, and that he/she is the sole author of the feature essay.
» The entrant warrants to THRESHOLDS’ editors that his/her essay is in no way whatsoever a violation of any existing copyright and that it contains nothing libelous.
» The judges’ decisions are final and no discussion will be entered into once work has been submitted. The judges reserve the right not to make the award if the quality of entries does not merit it.
» The Competition is open to writers of any nationality writing in English, 16 years old and over at the time of the closing date.
» University of Chichester staff may not apply.
» The names of the winners, runners-up, shortlisted and longlisted writers will be published on The Forum.
» The longlist will be announced in March, and the shortlisted and winning writers will be notified soon after.
» Copyright of the submitted essay remains with the author, but THRESHOLDS has the unrestricted right to publish any winning or shortlisted feature essays on its website and in any related material for PR
» THRESHOLDS reserves the right to edit the winning, runner-up and shortlisted articles prior to publication, as well as any other pieces selected for publication on the site.
» By entering the competition, you are deemed to have agreed to the above rules.
» Before you submit: please familiarise yourself with the individual tone and style of the department to which you are submitting.
» Please note: we do not accept unsolicited short story submissions at this time.*
» The winning and runner-up feature essays and shortlist will be published on the THRESHOLDS Forum during 2016.
» Go here for more information about this competition

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