What The Three Idiots Movie Can Teach Writers About Career Choice

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Lesson From 3 idiots
In the movie “3 idiots”, where three friends met in College to study Engineering.
The first guy Ranchodas Chamandas Chanchand has been nurturing a dream to be an Engineer right from his tender age and he made that happen by securing admission into the college, the second guy by name Farhan Qureshi had a dream of being a wild life photographer but found himself in the college of Engineering as wished by his father against his own wishes.
He battled from year one till the final year before his friend Rancho talked to him and gave him courage to go and answer his call, he helped him send his letter to his dream boss and he was given the opportunity to work with him.
He then summoned courage to talk to his father to allow him go for what his heart always craved for as that’s what will give him happiness and everlasting joy, and his father eventually reasoned along with him and allowed him to pursue his dream.
The third guy Raju Rastogi whose problem has always been FEAR.
 A lot of responsibility had been put on him, which was why he was asked to go and study Engineering so he could pay his sister dowry, take care of his paralyzed father and meet his mother’s needs.
All these caused great fear in him, he was so scared, that he even studied in fear. His friends tried so hard to let him know that, fear will not take him anywhere, yet he never listened.
He realized what wrong he was doing when he attempted suicide but failed even that and survived. His renowned courage got him a good job and made him happy at last, but this kind of chance happen one out of ten.
They were all happy finding their calls and going for it at the end.
Your happiness lies solely on your ability to overcome your writing fear and break your silence with your pen. Don’t abandon your writing dream because of FEAR, don’t switch your career because of fear of failure.
You can succeed in your quest of writing, if you are persistent and consistent. A career in writing is tasking but fruitful. You have to be doing it tirelessly, for you to enjoy the fruit that’s attached to it.
Start writing today to at least make yourself a happy person and through this, you can change lives with your pen.
We are writers! We are happy because we are leaders!!!
Question: How do you find your call? What are those sacrifices you made in realizing your dreams? Please share it in the comment below

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