Science Fiction and the Medical Humanities

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We are pleased to announce a creative-writing competition for science fiction on the theme of medicine, health, and illness. We invite science-fiction short stories (and also self-contained novel excerpts) of up to 3000 words that address themes of medicine, health, and illness.
Science fiction has a long tradition of medical stories: Frankenstein (reanimation), The Island of Doctor Moreau (surgery, tissue grafting), Brave New World (eugenics), Flowers for Algernon (disability), I Am Legend (contagious disease), The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe (terminal illness), Woman on the Edge of Time (psychiatry), Never Let Me Go (cloning, transplantation) … and many others. Our creative-writing competition is intended to stimulate new work in this fruitful area.

Some possible ideas for work might be:
Future/alien medicine and doctors
Computerized/robotic healthcare
Engineered diseases and alien plagues
Future/alien conceptions of health and illness, including mental health and illness
Utopian/dystopian visions of health, illness, and medicine
Cosmetic and/or elective surgery/transplantation/modification
Present and future disabilities, and their social/cultural (de)construction
Public health and population health, at a global or galactic level
Alternate medical history (what if a medical pioneer had died young, and/or a particular discovery/advance never been made?)

Science Fiction and the Medical Humanities

First Prize: £300
Second Prize: £200
Third Prize: £150
Runners-up: £50
February 29, 2016

»There is no entry fee for this competition
» Entries must be relevant and in the spirit of the competition
» Stories/excerpts may be up to 3000 words in length
» Entries must be in English
» All entries must be word-processed and double spaced, with pages numbered
» The name of the entrant must not appear on the manuscript
» Entries should be submitted using the online entry form. Only files of type .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdfwill be accepted.
» The competition is open to anyone throughout and outside the United Kingdom
» All entrants must be 18 years of age or over
» Entries must be entirely the work of the entrant and not published previously
» Entries must not be entered in another competition at the same time
» No more than two entries per person will be accepted
» No competitor may win more than one prize
» Entries must be received by 29 February 2016
» The judges’ decision will be final and no individual correspondence will be entered into
» The competition is managed by the University of Glasgow
» Entrants agree that their work may be copy-edited for the purposes of inclusion in the competition anthology.
» Copyright will remain with the author, but prize winners must agree to publication in the competition’s anthology of creative writing. (We request that any republication of winning entries acknowledge original publication in the competition anthology.)
» Failure to comply with the above rules will result in disqualification from the competition.
» Winners will be decided as soon as possible after the deadline, with a formal announcement at the closing conference for the project, ‘Science Fiction and the Medical Humanities’, in mid-2016

Entries should be submitted by our new deadline of 29 February 2016 using the Online form

For questions, contact

Comradejuliusofafrica-The Writers Bureau.

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