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By; Ruchius Filbert, Guest Writer.

Africans should be the one to define their destiny and responsibility. We should not let others define our destiny or future because they will take us where they wanted us to be not where we wanted to be. We are where we are now simply because we accepted beautifully to be defined by others and we waited for economic prosperity to be delivered for us; they kidnapped our mindset now they are enjoying over our indigenous resources the result you see today. If we stand tall it is because we stand on the shoulders of many ancestors; if the future doesn’t come toward you, you have to go fetch it. Africans cannot forge a bright future we want and deserve rather we have to strive for it. Africana needs strong determination instead of satisfaction towards bad economic statistics we own. Africa owns everything we need as the tool to make transformation of our resource blessed continent and become a place where citizens feel comfortable living and proud of.
How can you be a” good” but failed to fix the most pressing challenges of your nation? We own vast of natural resources like diamonds, salt, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, silver, petroleum even woods and sweet tropical fruits. Bulky of these natural resources are undiscovered or barely harnessed. Many dynamic groups are enjoying on natural resources and exploiting it harshly.
The vast of rare raw materials found only in Africa are putting Africans under heavy pressure and tensions ending into wars and slow development. Despite vast of these resources, claims suggest many western nations like United state, France, Canada, as well as China often exploits African resources nowadays, causing most of money from our natural resources to benefit west  and  East Asia aggravating poverty in Africa further example Sudan and Nigeria are main oil producers but China own about 40% of Sudan’s oil production. Hence oil output earthquake may account in near future to most of African countries. Just see what is happening now, despite resources richness we had bulk of Africa people live as if they were citizens of desert. No running water, sanitation and electricity are a reminder that the past continues to haunt the present. 
Africa needs leaders who can overcome triple challenge of defining a clear vision, generating buy-in and developing the policies and programmes to turn the vision into results on the Africa ground. A leader who can make transformation of our abundance natural resources and a better quality of life to everyone of its people making sure that citizens  are rescued from unnecessary frustrations, hopelessness and poverty, neither dying of preventable disease nor running to the west.

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