12 Writing Fears That Pull You Back And One Way To Overcome Them

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First, recognize that you are not the only one who fears writing. When your heart grip for
fear of writing, try to talk with experienced writers, you will discover that: they all feared
writing in some manner. When you recognize this truth, it will comfort you and also boost
your confidence in writing. You can also ask other learners about their writing, they would
likely express some fear about it. Sharing your fear of writing with other learners will help
you have less fear about it
I might not be able to tell exactly what your fear is, but I know you definitely have what’s
pulling you back! It might be…
i. The fear of what to write?
ii. How to write?
iii. Is my write-up going to be perfect?
iv. Is my piece going to be read?
v. Is my voice going to be heard?
vi. Do I have what it takes to write?
vii. Am I really a writer?
viii. How am I going to get people to read my piece?
ix. How am I going to keep writing without being exhausted?
x. Is my piece going to be popular and have trends of comments?
xi. How am I going to get paid for my piece or earn a living while writing?
xii. How am I going to publish and sell my book(s)?

I had same fears before. But as i finish writing this post they aren’t part of my body any more. I needn’t them to be part of your body too! What should you do? Quickly grab my awesome ebook MURDERING YOUR WRITING FEARS to overcome the fear once and for all. Share your other fears in the comment box below.

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