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Though it might be difficult or even be a painful experience for you, but you have to explore
the source of your writing fear. Don’t stop writing because of your early writing experience.
Perhaps, accuracy is the basis of your fear about writing. Using several hours in order to write
a perfect piece will only clog your creativity and flow of thought. But when you write with
the purpose of getting words onto paper then shaping them later, your thought will be flowing
and you will be able to write well. Always try to control your perfectionism. Writing is a
recursive, chaotic, beautiful mess.
Another thing that can be the source of your writing fear is using incorrect grammar. Correct
grammar is critical to well-written papers, dissertations, and so on. You don’t have to start
checking for errors in your first draft, though some people do this. Trying to agonize about
choices of grammar in the first draft may cripple your writing output. Try not to worry about
grammar while you write your first draft and see how your words flow. Allow the writing
process to help you generate words, sentences, and paragraphs then rigorously edit, revise,
and proof for grammatical errors.

So why not write reading a book, targeting those worries? Figure out what problem you are worried about that is spinning you out of control, Grab my awesome ebook entitled “Murdering Your Writing Fears” for freeand then tell me how you will take charge of your fears in the comment box below

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