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For the past two years I managed to win three online voting competitions!!! How could people vote for a single person all the time??? Let me remind you about them first😊 (1) The African youth union 4th annual summit full sponsored trip to Kampala-Uganda by more than 88% of votes as a first continental winner (2) The COP IN MY CITY climate change photo contest by 340+ votes(3) The African youth union first batch green campaign by more than 65% of votes-Kampala Uganda. They werenot easy victories. I had to use each of my social media accounts to regulary post&ask for votes either to a single person, friends in online platforms/groups in all the media you know. Some times inboxing the person I even don’t know. How do you find that? 😱Copy pasting the link from one site to the other. Can you imagine ? Atleast asking for friends to share in their groups was easy! Today I realised I wouldn’t endure all those complicated processes and be capable to win more competitions, even international ones. I lacked this smart tool  I remember the moment I was in pressure  and decided to form a facebook group called “VOTE TO WIN” with 800+ members now and more other voluntarily asking to join. Many posting their voting links to win international trips, some to win tablets, laptops, monthly internet bundles, writers posting their selected papers that are left to voters to decide& even respected awards. Something is lacking and here  is a tool to finish off the marathon. Do you have any online voting competition that you are too keen to win early in the morning before your opponents wake up? Yeah with a great defeat ofcourse! A Germany one! Then try this wait why should you use it? Here are the reasons

(1)I have set the category “Online voting competitions” to copy paste your link for voting in it. But thus not enough right! Wait (2) The post name’s URL has already been editted to have a shorter&prettier instead of long&ugly URL in your post. This will help in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to attract more viewers&even voters to easily remember it!(3) The site is self-hosted ensuring you millions of views with your post between upper and lower sharing buttons where your folks would easily share your link to different social media with few clicks in 2-3 seconds (4) It is 99% effective& provides 18/24 hours support&live chat to strategize your walk to championship. Still a lot to share but guess what? You have been super-awesome to me😉. You would win too if you help us win so it’s a win-win. Thanks&best of luck.


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